Ergonomics in Flexible Working

Just as you have a Duty of Care to look after your team’s health and safety at work, the same applies for working at home arrangements. Productivity Matters can help with the continuity of your effective ergonomics program at home.

  • Zoom or Skype based assessment by a Qualified Ergonomist.

  • Participants enter the meeting via their smart phone, so they can then easily film their work station setup.

  • We align any recommendations made with your procurement policy on purchasing equipment for the home office.

  • We provide a follow up to the preferred contact within your organisation on what we have covered with the employee and what is recommended for that individual.

Mental Fitness

Change, uncertainty and lack of social support can challenge our mental health. Knowing how to re-adjust some aspects of your Mental Fitness to strengthen your ability to cope with life’s challenges will lead to better mental health outcomes.

  • Zoom or Skype based session with a Qualified Allied Health Professional.

  • Our session focuses on how to introduce or boost elements of mental fitness that make us feel better, in order to offset the loss.

  • We will share our screen and slide deck with participants. The deck can be modified with relevant EAP/Other contact details at the end of the session, and co-branded with your company logo.

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