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Productivity Matters can mean something different to every one of our clients. We exist to help create healthy, safe, and productive workforces, however that might be defined by our clients.   We do this by listening to what your organisation needs are, and customising a solution to meet those needs that focuses on improving the health and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your workforce.

Our solutions might include OHS auditing or advisory, Ergonomics Redesign or Programme Implementation, Strategic Wellbeing Programme Development or Training. We provide customised training is OHS, Mental Health (including Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health Awareness and Response for Leaders and Employees), Managing Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Frontline Roles, Ergonomics Champions Training, ErgoAnalyst Training, Hazardous Manual Task, and Participative Ergonomics Training.

Productivity Matters consultants are all qualified specialists in their field.  Our team has been chosen for their ability to see commercial applications in health, safety, and wellbeing.


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