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Arizona Man is an online education tool designed to provide employees with the knowledge and skill to enhance their health and comfort at work.


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Who is Arizona Man?

Arizona Man is an online tool that assists organisations in reaching and teaching office-based employees how to enhance their comfort levels and remove any hazards associated with office work.

Arizona Man works alongside the Productivity Matters team to create a customised office ergonomics program for your organisation that integrates seamlessly with your existing digital platform.

Arizona Man saves you time and money by educating your staff quickly and efficiently. Perfect as part of any orientation program for new employees, working from home agreements, new equipment training and compliance with WHS legislation.

42.4% of all serious work-related injury claims are SPRAINS and STRAINS*

You need Arizona Man if…

  • Musculoskeletal injury, discomfort or sedentariness in the office is one of your biggest health risks.
  • You are relocating offices, offer flexible work-from-home agreements, or need an OHS resource as part of the induction process for new starters.
  • Spend large amount of time training “Ergo Champions or Ambassadors” who complete ergo checklists with your staff.
  • You need to free up your time from completing Ergo Assessments.
  • You want a customised online ergonomics training tool that will assist with onboarding and triaging those who need assistance.

Arizona Man can help with these, and many other scenarios! Get in touch with our team today.

*Key Work Health and Safety Statistics, Australia 2014

Key benefits of Arizona Man

  1. All employees are provided with a clear, consistent and accurate message
  2. Reduces the risk of work-related musculoskeletal injuries
  3. Provides a valuable tool for under-resourced OHS or HR professionals
  4. Reaches those employees under flexible working agreements, such as working from home or hot desking
  5. Allows employees to be tracked for compliance with OHS legislation
  6. Provides an affordable tool for office setup education

Arizona Man Reviews

Our rollout of Arizona Man is going well, with some great feedback received from staff about the content and interactivity of the module.

Katherine Noonan, Human Resource Officer (Learning and Development), Department of Treasury and Finance Tasmania

The tool is fun and colourful and puts a preventative spin on ergonomics rather than being pain/injury focused… We are in the processing of launching the online tool nationally due to the positive feedback received.

Jenny Scott-Badans, Office Services Manager, Macpherson Kelley Lawyers

Arizona Man has saved Northrope a significant amount of money as we have not had to spend money on face to face ergonomic assessments.

Gary Lucas, National Environment Health and Safety Manager, Northrope Gruman
Australia Pty Ltd

Arizona Man FAQs


  1. How is the Arizona Man program delivered?
    Arizona Man is web-based, available anywhere and on multiple devices. It slots easily into most existing Learning Management Systems (SCORM 1.2 compliant).
  2. How long does the Arizona Man program take?
    Generally, employees are able to get through the program within 1 hour
  3. What features does Arizona Man have?
    Arizona Man comes with customised key contacts, equipment ordering, compliance reporting and refresher training.
  4. And finally, why is it called Arizona Man?
    Named for his penchant for cacti, Arizona Man loves educating people on how to avoid prickly situations such as discomfort, strain and injury in the workplace.