Redesigning a Mobile Toy Library

The City of Darebin required assistance in the redesign of their Mobile Early Childhood Resource and Education Delivery Vehicle.  The current van had several inherent hazardous manual tasks associated with visits to each site.

The Solution

Evaluate, brief, review and test

Productivity Matters Ergonomists assisted in picking a van (from a preferred few) and then assisted in providing a brief to a van conversion group. We assisted with the review of the prototype and user trial with the vans current users.

The Outcome

A win-win for all stakeholders

The van redesign exceeded the expectations of the team at the City of Darebin. Significant productivity gains and service improvements were realised by Early Childhood Educators who drive the vehicle, including:

  • Reduced visit (unpack/ pack time by 20-30 minutes per visit). Human Resource saving of 8 hours per week.
  • Lowered overall fitness for work requirements due to lower forces, less climbing, and reduced awkward postures.
  • Enhanced staff and customer satisfaction with both groups benefiting from easy and comfortable access to equipment in the van.
  • Multiple users can access the resources at the same time, due to various access points, educators aren’t required to get into the van, reducing OHS for external clients, resources are all at eye level making for easier viewing and access to items.
  • Council staff are more available to support educators, as they don’t have to pack and un-pack equipment they can provide more professional support.