Office ergonomics

Productivity Matters has created the first online education program in Australia developed by a certified professional ergonomist.

Online education program

Our online education program, coupled with a strategic and pragmatic approach to office based ergonomics, has resulted in an uplift in the comfort and performance of the many workplaces we work with. Our online tool has a far greater reach than face to face training and is significantly more cost effective. It is an easy way to be compliant with ergonomics.

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To sit or to stand? That is the question

With increasing research supporting the need to “get moving”, organisations are going to need to act swiftly and carefully on the introduction of activity based work in their work places. Productivity Matters’ certified professional ergonomists can assist you in a staged ‘get moving’ strategy that is pragmatic and focused on enhancing productivity.

Manual Handling

In 2014 over half a million Australians injured themselves at work1. A third of these were caused by manual handling in the workplace.

Manual Handling Intervention

Our interventions focussed on manual handling will use an organisations risk management approach combined with ergonomics expertise to identify manual handling risk and provide practical solutions.

Our experience

At Programmed we provided a safe work method statement on digging.  With a local council we provided advice to the design team on the fit out of their animal management and education resources delivery vans.

At Thermofisher Scientific we compliment their manual handling risk management system by providing training and support to their employees.


Have you ever noticed that wellness programs at work tend to target the ‘well’ people in your workforce? This is not uncommon.

Wellness audit

Our wellness audit helps to identify what stage an employee is at, in regard to contemplating a change in their health and wellness. By identifying where they are in their commitment to change, we can provide strategic advice on how to move them along.

The wellness program

Our wellness programs are customised based on what our customer needs. Health and wellness can also encapsulate any relevant topic that has been identified that requires change in that organisation. It can include health, safety or wellness topics.

Mental Health

One in Five of your employees come into work with a mental health condition.2


Education and awareness on what mental ill health is, how to identify symptoms and how to manage this in the workplace can result in a major uplift in workforce productivity. Employee’s mental health is the legal responsibility of employers.  Assisting employees improve their mental health has a direct impact on improved performance outcomes such as increased engagement at work, improved productivity and decreased psychological injuries.

Our experience

Our Allied Health Consultants have over 20 years experience within the mental health industry in Australian Workplaces.  We provide education and awareness to leadership teams and employees on way to identify and manage mental health issues raised in the workplace.  We have developed a suite of interactive sessions that can assist in improving resilience and mindfulness amongst attendees.


The total economic cost of work related injuries has been and is forecast to be about 5% of GDP in Australia or over $60.6 billion3.

There are a multitude of reasons that injuries can result in rising human and financial costs to organisations. Via auditing your site or even just working with you as an injury management advisor for a period of time can gain valuable insight into ways to improve the performance of your injury management performance.


Ensure your workplace is compliant with work health and safety legislation.

Worksafe OHS Essentials program

We are preferred suppliers of Worksafe Victoria’s OHS essentials program for small to medium sized businesses. This has assisted over 60 small businesses to install and maintain safe systems of work that are practical and commercially realistic. This program is fully funded by Worksafe and is free to small & medium size business.

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Safety auditing

Safety auditing is something we find organisations can struggle to get to when there is a tight hold on resources. We specialise in assisting white collar industry to complete occupational health and safety systems audits swiftly and thoroughly.


The cost of employee turnover can be upward of $30000 per employee, but the intangible costs can really hurt the business.

The injury management and safety arms of any business are hit hard by employee turnover. If an injury is not responded to because you just don’t have the resources, or a return to work is delayed or neglected, the human and financial impact on your business over the next few years could run into the hundreds of thousands.

We can offer short term, part or full time secondments. Our team have a minimum 5 years of experience in their respective profession and will act as a seamless transition to your current team. WCD, Westpac and MeBank have all said “you are so easy to deal with”. We will work with you to establish the best way to distribute this cost to your business and the rewards can also be measured.

Reference sources:

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