Kinross Farm

Kinross Farm is a family owned and managed business that has been producing high quality eggs for over 40 years.

Productivity Matters was engaged by Kinross Farm in 2014 to assist in facilitating the provision of health and wellness services to its employees and improve workplace safety culture.

Through a process of consultation and on-site functional assessments, a number of areas were identified as focal points for the proposed campaign. The 5-alive programme was subsequently delivered as a customized package of lunch & learn sessions alongside a monthly campaign raising awareness of key safety topics. Consultation throughout the process allowed for the effective tailoring of the programme to Kinross Farm and its employees.

In partnership, Productivity Matters and Kinross Farm have successfully implemented a programme that has significantly improved workplace health, wellness and safety amongst employees. Awareness has increased across areas such as physical fitness, drugs and alcohol, mental health, safety and eating habits. Kinross Farm employees are now on the safe path to improved health & wellness as they continue to grow better, stronger, wiser.


Programmed is a leading provider of staffing, maintenance and facility management.

Safely performing manual tasks is a critical aspect of work in an industry that is routinely engaged in undertaking physically demanding work. Such was the directive outlined by Programmed Facility Management, who partnered with Productivity Matters in 2014 to develop a set of guidelines (safe work method statement) for digging.

Collaborating with the Faculty of Health at Deakin University, Productivity Matters engaged a tertiary level researcher to utilize novel biofeedback methods to comprehensively quantify the task. Supported by scientific data, Productivity Matters was then able to accurately describe the safest and most effective way employees at Programmed Facility Management could reduce musculoskeletal injury risk during the task of digging.

Development of the guidelines for digging, with supporting data, has allowed Programmed Facility Management to take an evidence based approach to inducting and training new and existing employees in the manual handling requirements of digging. Furthermore, this key project has assisted Programmed Facility Management to mitigate the risk of injuries and increase productivity.

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